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I want to represent ALL Oklahomans. The God I serve is a God who loves everyone deeply and sacrificially. I value people from every walk of life, age, gender, and nationality, and I desire to serve them from the heart.
With that said, the following personal convictions influence my leadership:

I believe that the marriage union is between one man and one woman.

I believe that life begins at conception. I am pro-life and hold the dignity of every human heart in high regard.

I believe that supporting second amendment rights for the people of Oklahoma is crucial. We should be permitted to bear arms, protecting our lives, our families, and our property.

I believe that we need to meet the practical needs of our people, including patients whose suffering would be greatly lessened by access to medical marijuana. Oklahoma citizens shouldn’t be required to leave the state in order to get this kind of assistance, adding unnecessary travel expenses to an already long list of burdens.

While I hold these beliefs close to my heart, I earnestly desire to serve everyone who calls this great state home, regardless of where our viewpoints may differ.

Mission Statement

Oklahomans have patiently waited for decades for our elected officials to represent its people. The time to wait is over and the time to act is now. I believe this is a new day for Oklahoma. I am fighting for complete state government reform! The time has come for complete, 100% transparency. My vision for Oklahoma includes several facets. Require necessary unbiased, external audits in every agency. Restructure and rebuild a broken system. Restore honor and trust to our elected officials. Provide better roads and bridges to a deteriorating infrastructure. Make education the top priority, which promotes economic growth. Regain the confidence of all Oklahomans by working diligently to provide the best services possible for her citizens.

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